Game Accessibility Project

Brella game accessibility guide and framework Sep, 2020

brand work


  • UI, UX
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Prototyping
  • Unity development


Brella is my final year University project. The project aim is to encourage and improve the presence of accessibility in games. This is done by providing game developers with the knowledge and tools they need to create inclusive games.

The project will consist of game accessibility guides as well as an accessibility plugin. The plugin will provide developers with pre-coded accessibility options that can be applied to their game.

Accessibility guides

The guide content has been written and the design conceptualised, it is currently in the process of being created with Indesign. A final downloadable pdf guide will be produced.

The guide starts by explaining the different types of impairments and the categories they fall under. These category’s being ; visual, auditory, motor and cognitive. Each type of impairment creates a set of barriers for players. These barriers can be overcome with a variety of game options and considered design choices. All of which the guides explain through a series of examples, explanations and recommendations.

brand work

Brella accessibility guide covers

brand work

Brella accessibility guide interior

Accessibility plugin

The accessibility plugin aims to be a downloadable asset on the unity store. For now the plugin is a series of design concepts and mockups. The plugin offers a number of accessibility options that are presented as a game settings menu. Developers will be able to use this tool to build upon their own menu system and have incorporated accessibility options already in place.


brand work

Brella setting menu audio options

The menu systems follow the same principles and concepts described in the brella guides. The menu is sectioned into the four main types of impairments. However cognitive barriers are considered in the overall design rather than a series of options.

The menu incorporates accessibility principles, hierarchy and usability elements. Through structured sectors and headings the menu is screen reader friendly and with the use of images, icons and symbols text elements and intuitive interactions are visually reinforced

brand work

Inplugin screen showcase

The brand

Brella is derived from umbrella. Where the brands core goal is to encompass inclusivity and accessibility, all under the same umbrella.

Since the brands focus and service is on usability, accessibility and readability all these elements had to be considered when creating the brands look and feel.
The Red, green colour palette was used as these colour groups hold the most contrast in all colourblind types. When considering typography a san-serif font  was used as it offers the most contrast for users with sight impairments.


brand work

Brella brand guidelines